Ezekiel - Chapter 2 | Good News Translation

  • 1. saying, "Mortal man, stand up. I want to talk to you."
  • 2. While the voice was speaking, God's spirit entered me and raised me to my feet, and I heard the voice continue,
  • 3. "Mortal man, I am sending you to the people of Israel. They have rebelled and turned against me and are still rebels, just as their ancestors were.
  • 4. They are stubborn and do not respect me, so I am sending you to tell them what I, the Sovereign LORD, am saying to them.
  • 5. Whether those rebels listen to you or not, they will know that a prophet has been among them.
  • 6. "But you, mortal man, must not be afraid of them or of anything they say. They will defy and despise you; it will be like living among scorpions. Still, don't be afraid of those rebels or of anything they say.
  • 7. You will tell them whatever I tell you to say, whether they listen or not. Remember what rebels they are.
  • 8. "Mortal man, listen to what I tell you. Don't be rebellious like them. Open your mouth and eat what I am going to give you."
  • 9. I saw a hand reaching out toward me, and it was holding a scroll.
  • 10. The hand unrolled the scroll, and I saw that there was writing on both sides---cries of grief were written there, and wails and groans.